Veteran's Venue Secured

Absolute Defence is absolutely at home in the Harbour Room

When we found out about Major Ollie Braithwaite's new business venture, we lent a hand with the venue and offered business support too. Find out how a veteran with a unique product is being supported by Blakeney, Cley & District Royal British Legion...

Commissioned as an Officer of a front line infantry battalion from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2000, Major Ollie Braithwaite and has completed four demanding operational tours around the world. For six years Ollie instructed at British Army centres of excellence for both tactics and leadership.

On leaving the army Ollie set up his own business, Absolute Defence Limited, which specialises in unique courses offering self-defence combined with psychological input helping you to understand and avoid conflict triggers.

All Absolute Defence courses are built around the Intelligent Self Protection system. ISP is an approach unique to Absolute Defence; it is principally concerned with using our most powerful asset – our brain; and it empowers students to become Elite Thinkers enabling them to avoid confrontation in the first instance and manage confrontation if it is unavoidable.

The ISP® concept continues into the physical dimension. Each technique has been scientifically researched, analysed and selected to pit the defender's strengths against an attacker's weaknesses. This makes their courses accessible to everyone, irrespective of size, strength or ability.

He has trained in and studied several martial arts and fighting systems over the last 20 years and holds a Black Belt and Instructor's qualification in Tae Kwon-Do. Ollie worked as a security specialist for two years. His unique experience encompasses a life-long, in-depth analysis of self-protection systems and a keen interest in Behavioural Science alongside worldwide travel, sometimes in hostile environments, where he has had to put theory into practice.

This gives him the ultimate qualification and skills to capture the imaginations of young people embarking on life in a wider global context and well-established professionals who respect dedication and professionalism. Ollie is a founding Director of Absolute Defence and is also working at Army Headquarters in Combat Capability Development.

As well as the courses, Ollie also provides film and TV advice services, John Giwa-Amu from Red and Black Films Ltd said, "Ollie and the Absolute Defence team provided an exceptional level of support and consultation for our film. They've added a level of authenticity and professionalism which we could not have hoped to achieve without them. Until you work with guys like these, you don't realise how important they are - I'd recommend them to anyone".

Working with Ollie, the Norfolk Charitable Trust and Blakeney, Cley & District Royal British Legion have offered the use of the premises to hold courses and have provided marketing assistance too.

We hope to attract more veterans to start their businesses using the resources in the Harbour Room and will keep you posted